Fleet Washing

When a fleet is a part of your business, your curb appeal goes on the road with you. At DC Dynamic Cleaning in Coachella Valley, we offer comprehensive fleet washing services that make every vehicle a rock-solid reflection of your business!

Make Curb Appeal Mobile

Every business is different, but if vehicles factor into your work plan, then they should drive your property’s professional first impression with ease. That’s where our team comes in. We offer mobile fleet washing service that is:

  • Mobile: Our truck-mounted technology brings optimal cleaning power directly to your property, so you don’t have to travel to get the best for your fleet.
  • Customizable: Every fleet is different, and whether you own 18-wheelers, moving vans, or rental vehicles, our team is here to help.
  • Comprehensive: From sunroof to wheel well, DC Dynamic Cleaning will make every inch of the vehicle surface shine.
  • Deep cleaning: Your vehicles get exposed to a lot. With degreasing technology and a targeted pressure washing system, we strip away the wear and tear to reveal the “like new” vehicle beneath

Invest In Every Vehicle

Your fleet should be as functional as it is professional, but it should also receive cleaning care that invests in its longevity and aesthetic. That’s where DC Dynamic Cleaning can help. Every fleet washing service offers:

  • Brightening: We make every inch of your vehicle’s body shine.
  • Degreasing: From your wheel wells to your undercarriage, we improve functionality and the appearance of your vehicles.
  • Glass cleaning: Spotless and streak-free is the guarantee for every window and mirror.

Curb appeal should be able to go mobile. We help you invest in your vehicle as a beacon of curb appeal, as an investment, and as a functional necessity. With routine fleet washing services from DC Dynamic Cleaning, you’re getting the best from every vehicle from every angle.

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