Tile Cleaning & Sealing

Your tiled surfaces face a tough balancing act. They should be safe, but they should also be beautiful. They should make your interior shine, but they should also be functional.

With DC Dynamic Cleaning in Desert Hot Springs, that balancing act gets a whole lot easier. Our tile cleaning and sealing service delivers the quality your surfaces needs to shine and to make that shine last!

We Deep Clean Your Tiles

Your tiles should be one of the best parts of your interior. They definitely shouldn’t be something you’re trying to hide. Our tile cleaning service delivers the professional touch your surfaces need to maximize their impact. Using the industry’s best cleaning technology, we offer a service that:

  • Addresses every surface, as our tile cleaning service can be applied to floors, countertops, backsplashes, pools, and bathrooms.
  • Removes eyesores such as streaks, fading, and other discoloration.
  • Extracts buildup, including mold, mildew, and dirt.
  • Brightens the area with a consistent and comprehensive clean.

Tiles get worked hard, but with a professional cleaning service, you can skip the tile replacement project. DC Dynamic Cleaning gives all your surfaces a second life with our professional and quality-driven approach.

Stretch the Impact of Your Tiles

So, we’ve cleaned your tiles, and because we use the best equipment in the industry, that impact is designed to last. But how do we ensure that your tiling is built for success?

That’s where tile sealing comes into play. This service is strongly recommended as a follow-up to any tile cleaning service. Using this approach, we:

  • Protect the color of your tiling by locking in the color, texture, and unique detailing
  • Lock out water damage by sealing tile and grout against moisture permeation
  • Maintain aesthetics with our preservative sealant

Your tiles should be more than a functional surface — they should be a decorative accent. With professional tile cleaning and sealing service from DC Dynamic Cleaning, you’re getting a beautiful aesthetic for today and protection for tomorrow.

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