Paver Cleaning and Sealing

Coachella Valley properties as well as other desert cities are well known for their innovations in paver based landscaped. Be it driveways, pathways, pool decks, and patios, pavers not only add durability to your property, but also major brownie points in the looks and value category.

However, to ensure that these beautiful pieces of brick don't become dull and lifeless blocks of stone, it takes specialized equipment, techniques, and knowledge in order for you to get the result that you're looking for.

The Problem

Pavers where ever they may be will always be exposed to traffic. Be it pedestrian or vehicular pavers are going to be under some kind of force one way or another. This traffic comes with a cost though. Dirt, leaves, oil stains, food stains, tire marks, are just a few of the inevitable things that will affect your pavers and hardscapes. But also, on a more severe scale there is rust, battery acid, hard water build up and more! These different problems need a DYNAMIC answer! Well, we have it.

The Answer

Step 1

Since pavers can be more delicate than normal concrete, DC Dyanmic Cleaning uses variable pressure systems that allow us to adjust the cleaning power from our machines to best suit your pavers needs. We use the best equipment, every time, for the BEST RESULTS.

Step 2

Stains from battery acid stains, stubborn rust spots, oil stains, calcium build up whatever else is plaguing your pavers is treated with various cleaning solutions to help break down these hardened chemicals. Once these stains have been weakened, with the proper tooling, we help to safely remove any sign of these from your substrate which helps resist further issues down the road.

Step 3

Finally, once all contaminants are removed from the substrate and we finally have a clean and workable surface, we ad the piece de resistance. We seal the pavers for long lasting protection. We don't use sealers that you can buy at Home Depot or any other big box stores. Our sealers are commercial and industrial grade, high performance, ultra premium products that are second to non. This final step gives you a deeper more luxurious color and stain fighting protection for years. And especially in our desert climates, will not yellow and will not chalk. Talk about amazing.