Prices and discounts and more, oh MY!


Here at DC Dynamic Cleaning we strive to get you the most value and best quality for our services. Since we are a small company you’re going to get the best and most affordable prices than compared with our actual competitors. But, since we have tons of experience, know our way around a chemical or two, and strive to give you the best quality imaginable, you’re satisfaction is a guarantee. HOW DO YOU DO THIS YOU ASK???

By calling (760) 709-6271 or giving us a text, we can give you an estimated price right over the phone! Or you can send us an Email at, and we can Email you the estimate for free!

We can give you a detailed plan on what we can do to bring new life back into your old surfaces, determine an appropriate time to schedule the service, and before you know it, you’re sitting on your front porch/pool deck/driveway/etc sipping on some well earned mimosas enjoying the satisfying feeling that is your new clean surface. But, this can’t happen until you pick up your phone call or text us at (760) 709-6271, or email us at . 



DC Dynamic Cleaning is well aware of all of the sacrifices that many of our service men and women make. Be it fire, police, and EMS.  And with this in mind, all those currently involved with civil service receive a 20% discount. Thank you for all your service you have provided, and for the courage you have to protect and save others.  Thank You!!

The discounts don’t stop there! Senior citizens 55 and up get 10% discounts!

And, if you pay for  your service within 10 days, get another 10% off!

So if you qualify for these discounts, don’t hesitate to call us! Hurry and book now! 

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