Battery Acid Stain Removal

Golfing communities and the people that live in them are all to familiar with these orange looking stains. From an overloaded golf cart battery, or from even your own car battery, these acidic nightmares can end in costly repairs to not only the homeowner or business. But unfortunately to the environment as well. Here you will find that we at DC Dynamic Cleaning offer an answer with our proven methods for Battery Acid Stain Removal.

The Problem

Mostly all residential golf carts run on battery generated power. However, when the frequent overcharging of these batteries occur, or when they are overfilled, or when they’re uncapped, or when they are washed off with water, they will start to leak. And where does that leaking solution go….? Right onto your garage floor, driveway, curb, gutter, you name it.

The acid in your battery is made of sulfuric acid. When this harsh chemical touches your concrete, it eats away at the above surface causing irreversible damage to your property and its value. To add insult to injury, it continues to react every time it gets wet. What may have started out as a small white and orange spot, can quickly become a vast sea of toxic orange mess that looks quite gross. Now the only thing on your mind is , can this stain be removed? And, who offers Battery Acid Stain Removal?

Aside from the looks and continued damaging aspects of battery acid stains, these stains pose a huge threat to the environment. Battery acid spreads where ever there is water. Sooner or later, water makes its way to our storm drains, and then our water supplies. When this happens, the homeowner becomes responsible for violations against local, state, and federal storm water regulations and laws.

The Answer:

Here at DC Dynamic Cleaning we use the revolutionary F9 process to cure your concrete of its sickly battery acid stains and give you the best method available for Battery Acid Stain Removal.

This Specialized and PROFESSIONAL approach:

  • Neutralizes the battery acid and turns it into something as harmless as table salt
  • Cleans your concrete of the orange discoloration to leave your surface stain free
  • Locks into concrete pores to provide enhanced resistance to future staining

This process results in an eco-friendly bi-product that is biodegradable, and allows us to provide not only the client with a top notched service, but also a stake in the constant fight to protect our environment. When it comes to Battery Acid Stain Removal, we are number 1.

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