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Commonly Asked Questions About Power Washing

There are many questions regarding the power washing industry. Below you’ll find some commonly asked Power Washing Q&A’s that we hope will help educate you about this highly specialized industry.

Can Power Washing Clean Efflorescence? (Powdery White Chaulk)

In many areas in California, the water is very saturated with minerals such as Calcium. When this water gets onto concrete via sprinkler systems, pipe leaks, etc. these minerals are given the opportunity to grow and build up into a powdery and unsightly chalky substance. Power washing alone will unfortunately not remove these mineral deposits. However, at DC Dynamic Cleaning, our specialized cleaning techniques utilizing special cleaners and equipment can remove these stains with spectacular results.GET A FREE QUOTE NOW

Will Power Washing Remove Oil Stains

The answer is kind of yes, and kind of no. If the oil stain is new, power washing with extremely hot water and a commercial grade cleaners can have great results on oil stains. However, if the oil has been on there for some time, power washing alone even with hot water will yield poor results because there will still be a shadow from the old oil. Luckily, the specialists at DC Dynamic Cleaning have been able to come up with various techniques using highly specialized cleaners that actually give excellent results with even the oldest oil stains.GET A FREE QUOTE NOW

Should I Power Wash My Home?

The short answer is yes. Cleaning the exterior of your home including the roof of your home can increase the quality of your air, help reduce the risk of disease and illness, and also keep dangerous organisms such as mold from damaging your home and leading to costly repairs..

How Can I Remove Tire Marks On My Driveway?

Simple. By getting it power washed. Tire marks are a regular occurrence and caused by a multitude of reasons. The best way to remove them is to hire a professional power washing company with a high power surface cleaner.
This way you’re not staring at a guy with a power washing wand wash your drive way for an hour and a half just to get rid of tire marks. DC Dynamic Cleaning can clean a 4 car driveway in under 30mins with great results because we have PROFESSIONAL grade equipment and techniques that you the homeowner deserves! GET A FREE QUOTE NOW

How Much Does Power Washing Normally Cost?

It depends on the project. But well answer this question with an old adage that has been passed down through the generations. YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. Here at DC Dynamic Cleaning we are all about value, but we are specialists and can do things other cleaning contractors can’t. Just a piece of advice. If you get a bid that is ridiculously low, you can expect to get the same level of results. Oh, and the you contractors out there that give low ball prices, have fun going out of business. Stop it, you’re killing the industry.

How Often Should I Refinish My Concrete Patio?

Generally, as a rule of thumb,if you patio is stained and sealed,
it should be resealed depending on the quality of the sealer used. If it was a low quality sealer, every year. If it was a high quality sealer, 2-4 years. But this refinishing process involves power washing and prepping. Luckily, the pros at DC Dyanmic Cleaning know all about these trades and art forms and can guarantee you the best quality in your refinishing project.GET A FREE QUOTE NOW

Can you power wash in the rain?

Very much so! As a matter of fact, powerwashing is actually more effective in the rain. Rain, sleet, snow, or extreme heat does not deter the pros at DC Dynamic Cleaning.GET A FREE QUOTE NOW

Can Power Washing take off paint?

No. Power washing by itself can not take off paint no matter how much it looks like its chipping, especially off of concrete. To remove paint effectively, you need to apply a high quality paint remover and then come in with recovery power washing equipment to make sure the paint does not get everywhere. Here at DC Dynamic Cleaning, we can do just that. GET A FREE QUOTE NOW

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