Restoration. LOOK AT THAT LUSTER!!!

It’s a beautiful summers day (or spring, whatever floats your boat) and you decide to take a stroll out to your back yard to appreciate nature. To breath the clean fresh air. To seize the day like the dynamic go get-her you are, but then you look down. You see a darkness set upon your seemingly glorious day. It’s your deck. It’s your patio. Heaven forbid it be your driveway. You notice rust stains, oil stains, hard water build up, mold, and blood stains from when you hit tommy on his tricycle. Just kidding. But it’s bad, very bad. You should call someone. But wait! Don’t call a carpenter, or a painter. Did you know that the average cost t


o repair/replace an average deck can range from $2,000.00-$15,000.00?? Plus, you don’t even know if the person is going to do a good job or

not. But have you ever considered saving time, money, and a pretty bad headache by just restoring your outdoor features? Power washing when done right by professionals ( cough, like us), can save you all of those things!

It can reanimate your once zombified excuse for a patio/deck, and show the real beauty that was lying underneath it all along. So, why don’t you do yourself a favor and start by giving us a call so we can help you start to bring your home back to life once more.