What Pressure Washing Can Do For You


With one little trick, you can increase the value of your home. With one little trick, you can draw in more visitors to your store. With one little trick, you can help increase the loyalty factor between you and those who stop by and do business with you.


That’s right! And we would think something as simple as this would be common sense right? Think about it. First impressions are probably one of the most important things that people hardly put enough constant thought into when it comes to their home, business, or products. They think about it at first, but then they get busy, and things start to slip through the cracks. Things like the cleanliness


I think I’m forgetting something

of the home or business.

Now we’ve all heard the saying ” Out of sight, out of mind” right? When we get to our homes or businesses, we constantly see the things on the inside. And that makes sense. We spend about 90% of our time ( circumstances vary) indoors looking at the interior of our buildings because that’s where we work and live….inside. But, since we spend all of our time inside, what are we forgetting? DUHH!!! We have walls and other exterior features on the outside too. And since we get sooo busy, those poor, innocent, blameless exteriors can get neglected….**whimper whimper sob** It’s so sad… And you know what else is sad? How people will judge you for it.

Did you know that it takes people only 6 seconds to look at you or your home and decide weather they like it and you. And then after that, it takes a whole lot of extra work and convincing to get them to think otherwise. This demonstrates the power of YOUR FIRST IMPRESSION. Your first impression can either determine if you get the job or not, if the customer will come back for your product or not, and etc. See, the way that your business or your home looks is a direct reflection of how you are. You see, studies have shown that people are drawn to clean areas both inside and out. They are more likely to be comfortable in them. Which means that when they see a dirty and grim encrusted building, they’re going to steer clear of it like most of Europe did when Italy had the plague. When things like your home and your business are clean both inside AND out, it builds a type of mental trust in the people who visit it . They start to think ” Holy Moses this place is clean. This person has got his act together. I like this person… BLAH BLAH BLAH PRAISE….. Take my friendship/money!” The cleaner things are, the more friends, the more respect, and the more money you’ll make.

So You Wanna Make A Good First Impression

So, you finally see how important a first impression is. You finally want to be like Mr. Johnson ( doesn’t have to be Johnson), who values his first impressions and keeps his homes and business’ exterior clean, which leads to respect and better business. How do you do this you ask?

BY CALLING DC Dynamic Cleaning AT (760) 709-6271 or SEND US AN EMAIL at Davon@dcdynamiccleaning.com or CHECK OUT OUR WEBSITE at www.dcdynamiccleaning.com

The exterior cleaning professionals at DC INC can help you make that first impression that NO ONE will forget. Let us do the back breaking work. Let us make your property more valuable. Let us help draw in more customers. Let us help you make more money! Of course we charge something because hey, we need to make a living too, but investing in your first impression is something that you will never regret. So go ahead, and give us a call… WE DARE YOU 😉. 😉